Front CoverTiffanyOsborn-Photobook

Here we are! The end of the semester is here and with it comes my final hurrah (but certainly not the last of my photography escapades). This is the culmination of hours of hard work. A brief moment in time is my first phonebook but I’m proud to put my name on it- granted I was also proud of my kindergarten masterpieces.

I loved putting my heart into this book and see it come together. At first I was tempted to incorporate a significant amount of my vector design skills but ultimately decided that I wanted to keep it clean; this book is about my photography.

It’s been such a blessing to work with such talented people both in front of and behind the lens. I came to find a whole new appreciation for the world around me. I’ve learned to look in unexpected places and appreciate the extraordinary in my ordinary life.


Photo Contest

Tiffany Osborn-Like a Fetter

This self portrait was taken by me (remotes are great) with the help of my sister. She’s the MVP on this though, because she was queasily pointing my speed light and holding up the rope after just having her wisdom teeth out.

I created the image as part of another, personal blog post. The image is titled, Like a Fetter. I’d love for you to read more about why that is in my post. Visually, I wanted to create a look that made me look like I was pleading to be attached to a greater power. For me that power, in this context, is my Savior. I used the SQIBB lighting technique and a bit of photoshop (just for the light in the corner) to create the image.

I chose to do the ‘Me, Myself and I’ contest because it was so fitting with what I was wanting to get done with my blog. I had an idea for a post but wanted to create so visual content to pair with it. It worked well with one another. Here’s a link to that contest. I submitted my entry on July 14.

Fine Art Print



After an incredible semester it came time to choose one Fine Art image I would take to print. I’m proud of quite a few of the pictures I took but I thought this one worked really well as a wall hanging. I sharpened the edges a bit because I wanted it print sharply. I loved how it turned out.



This is how it looked hanging in the Spori building at Brigham Young University-Idaho. Photography, editing TiffanyOsborn-FineArtPrintBefore


This is the original image, right out of camera. I bumped the contrast, clarity, made levels adjustments, and a bit of saturation. I also used content aware scale to expand the image so that it would print well within the frame area.
TiffanyOsborn-FirstEditFineArtThis is the original way I posted it on the blog. You can see the minor changes I made to prepare it for print.

Tiffany Osborn-Top Images-3

I also decided to print this image; I thought they looked great as a set!

It’s been incredibly fulfilling to see the growth that’s happened throughout the semester and it’s been great to see that hard work pay off in a very physical, tangible way. I can’t say exactly how this new passion will play out in my life, but I’m excited to find out.


Top 8

This semester I dove head first into an artistic medium that I’ve always loved but knew very little about. The more I’ve learned, the more I’ve felt impossibly overwhelmed, the more I crave additional knowledge. Perhaps these aren’t the best photos I’ve taken so far [this semester] but they are some that I’m proud to have my name on. I’m far from knowing everything, but it’s been satisfying to see growth and know that I can look forward to more.
Tiffany Osborn-Top Images-1 Tiffany Osborn-Top Images-2 Tiffany Osborn-Top Images-3 Tiffany Osborn-Top Images-4 Tiffany Osborn-Top Images-5 Tiffany Osborn-Top Images-6 Tiffany Osborn-Top Images-7 Tiffany Osborn-Top Images-8One thing is certain, the best is yet to come…


Bannack Best- Creative

It’s always fun to get creative and think of things in new ways, but that was only amplified when I was at Bannack. From levitation to light painting and everything in between, it was great to stretch myself in new ways. Tiffany Osborn-Creative-4

This picture is a composite of the three below, creating a levitation effect. I loved the lighting that the speed light made and the way it turned Abby (my model) into a dark silhouette against an interesting background.Tiffany Osborn-Creative-3 Tiffany Osborn-Creative-2 Tiffany Osborn-Creative-1Tiffany Osborn-Creative-5

I used this one in my portraits section as well but it certainly was creative. I was so grateful that Katie (my model) was willing to let me awkwardly hover above her. I’m known among my friends for my massive personal bubble, but it was worth it to get these shots. Tiffany Osborn-Creative-6This is an example of light painting. I’m excited to see how I can incorporate this in the future. I have so much to learn in this discipline of photography (along with all the others). It’s a great lesson in trial and error and personal restraint!


Bannack Best- Fine Art

Tiffany Osborn-Bannack- Fine Art-1 Tiffany Osborn-Bannack- HDR-6 Tiffany Osborn-Bannack- HDR-7 Tiffany Osborn-Bannack- HDR-8This picture was made using three separate exposures that were composited into one. 
Tiffany Osborn-Bannack- Fine Art-3

I loved the texture on this building. The entire thing was rich with color and peeling paint. It was adorable.Tiffany Osborn-Bannack- Fine Art-4

This chair was in an abandoned saloon. I loved the natural light and the juxtaposition between the smooth leather and rich wood grain.Tiffany Osborn-Bannack- Fine Art-5 This beautiful lantern was in a Mason Lodge. It was so fascinating to see this building that still serves its purpose. It was a great experience to see some of that culture.Tiffany Osborn-Bannack- Fine Art-6This was a the top of a fence corner that surrounds the local graveyard. I loved the texture and jagged nails. Tiffany Osborn-Bannack- Fine Art-2This sepia image of a Ford truck brought me back to being a child, restoring Model-A’s with my grandpa. I love the memories associated with these classic vehicles, and that was just heightened by the classic setting.